Amazing Success Stories

“I am relatively new to rental property ownership. They worked really hard to earn our trust over the last couple of years and have always kept the tenants needs in mind. Bandazian & Holden is made up of real people who listen and really care about what they do. They offer sound advice and their experience in the business shows.”

Richmond, VA

“It's now been 2 years since I have hired this awesome firm to manage my rental property in Richmond, VA. My property used to be managed by another firm so I have something to compare these guys to. Not only they are always kind, courteous and professional, but they ALWAYS have handled all my business affairs with utmost integrity and accuracy. I get the right amount of disbursement check each month on time. They have handle all repairs with velocity to my satisfaction. I feel so happy and grateful to have them on my team.”

Los Angeles, CA

“Raffi and Tania were our agents, and they were amazing. We were first time home buyers and they spent a lot of time with us explaining everything and taking us to houses. We found the perfect house, but it was out of our price range. Through Raffi's impressive negotiating skills, we were able to get the house. I would highly recommend him to everyone. Our friends used Raffi as well and had a great experience and got their house for a bargain. Thanks Raffi and Tania!!”